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Mud Release Date

Mud will be released in spring 2013 in America

Posted on December 12, 2012

The Opponent Ticket Deal for the 9th December 2012 at A Red Orchid Theatre

The Opponent ticket deal for the 9th December 2012, when you buy 2 tickets you can get the tickets for the price of 1, when you say the code SATCHEL, buy tickets, online or phone a Red Orchid Theatre

Posted on December 08, 2012

Premium Rush DVD and Blu-ray Artwork

Premium Rush will be released on region 1 on the 21st December 2012 and region 2 on the 25th February 2013

Posted on December 07, 2012

2012 Joe A.Callaway Award

Michael Shannon is to receive the 2012 Joe A. Callaway Award on the 11th Janaury 2013 for his performance in the play Uncle Vanya

Posted on December 06, 2012

New Yorker (10th December 2012)

Interview with Michael Shannon has been posted in the new yorker (10th December 2012), talking about Red Hook before and after hurricane Sandy

Posted on December 04, 2012

Photos of Broadway Green Alliance (2nd December 2012)

Photos of Michael Shannon and Kate Arrington has been posted on Broadway Green Alliance twitter account (mike photo and kate photo) (2nd December 2012)

Posted on December 03, 2012

Sky Atlantic (12th October 2012)

A video of a interview with Michael Shannon has been posted on sky atlantic (12th October 2012), talking about Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire

Posted on December 03, 2012

The World Monitor TV (27th November 2012)

A video of Michael Shannon at the New York premiere of Killing Them Softly has been posted on The World Monitor TV youtube channel (27th November 2012)

Posted on December 03, 2012

The Harvest

Michael Shannon is appearing in a new film called The Harvest, filming started on the 29th November 2012 in New York

Posted on December 01, 2012

Details Magazine (December 2012/January 2013)

Interview with Michael Shannon has been posted in details magazine (December 2012/January 2013), talking about the film Man of Steel, music videos and auditioning for romantic comedy films

Posted on December 01, 2012